"Pocket Pistol" size. Original percussion. Tiger maple fullstock

This is a good looking pocket pistol sized full tiger maple stocked Kentucky pistol with its original W.Golcher percussion lock.  This pistol dates circa 1840-1850 and has the beautiful script signature of "J * Fleeger" on the top flat of the full octagon rifled barrel.  The script signature terminates in a tiny flourished heart.  The pistol has two German silver inlays, the most prominent being a "weeping heart" behind the barrel tang which is neatly engraved in block letters "MPF" with a hand pointing a pistol below it.  Possibly made for a Fleeger family member.  The brass mounts are beautifully engraved in the late Federal period style.  The pistol measures 8" overall with a 4 1/2" full octagon rifled barrel in .32cal.   SOLD

Condition:  Excellent except for the usual crack at the wrist which has long ago been secured.  There is a small rectangular German silver inlay 1" x 3/16" at the wrist helping to secure the crack.

  • Lyman Collection