KENTUCKY PISTOL 18th Century $3500

Bucks or Lehigh County Maker Circa 1780-1810

This full tiger maple stocked, brass mounted American Kentucky pistol circa 1780-1800 was undoubtedly made in the Lehigh Valley or Bucks County Pennsylvania is in original flintlock configuration.  I believe it was made by one of the early Bucks County makers such as Daub or Verner and has the following Bucks/Lehigh county maker features:  "Thumbnail" finial on the cameo filed triggerguard, barrel shaped ramrod ferruls, and a sheathed muzzle cap with the end-grain of the maple wood exposed under the sheet brass nose cap.  This pistol is fairly large, measuring 15 1/2 inches overall with a 9 3/4 inch octagon to round American made barrel and is the type carried by American officers late in the Revolutionary War.  The original flintlock is untouched and and is an unmarked American copy of a circa 1775 to 1800 style Ketland lock with an unbridled frizzen (an early feature) but with a "high end" roller frizzen.  The frizzen shows much usage with an original "shoe" riveted to the original frizzen.  The well figured tiger maple stock has a deep old patina with no wood restoration whatsoever.  There is no sideplate indicating hasty manufacture for military war use.  This pistol retains what appears to be its original ramrod with original worm attached.  A great addition to a Revolutionary War or War of 1812 collection.

Condition:  Excellent with no restoration whatsoever. 



  • Lyman Collection